5 actors, 10 dancers.

Vicistica is a tragedy inspired by Howard Barker’s Scenes from an Execution.

It mixes several kinds of stage performing and visual arts : theatre, dance and video. 

The play is not recommended for children under age 15.

Dramaturgy and Stage Direction: Sandra Bourdonnec

Duration: 1:45 hour 


With – alphabetical order -


Characters : 

Harrison Arevalo, Carpetta

Clara Cirera, Galactia

Eloïse Genêt, Milinia

Carolina Jurzack, Rivera

Sébastien Ventura, Urgentino


Dance Ensemble :

Wohan Azzam

Nicolas Blandin

Leslie Bonniveau

William Chenel

Geoffrey Couët

Hugo Malpeyre

Dina Milosevic

Christèle Ortu

Clément Strametto

Fanny Tramcourt


Make-up Creation : Sandra Gentil & Co. 

Costume Designing : Lili Desert

Video Editing : Mirella Shamah

Photography : Christian Varas Matta




        In an empty shed converted into a theatre, five actors are rehearsing Howard Barker’s Scenes from an Execution. A strange atmosphere can be felt. They are here… Ghosts are haunting the place. They keep observing the five actors and will play with them like puppets. They’ll influence their desires, their passions, their moods until vice comes to light. Secret, forbidden and passionate love affairs, envy, jealousy, betrayals, power struggles, everything is set up so the characters love, hate or tear each others apart. The ghosts represent the demons inside each human being and the whole show is about vice. Howard Barker’s text tells about the intrigate relationship existing between art and power. It has been set up with extracts from the Bible and the Coran. The theatrical fourth wall is broken down the audience becomes the hostage of a violent, sexual and vicious atmosphere. After having lost all dignity, joy or love and forced to deal with their own chaos, the characters will end facing existential nothingness, facing the ocean, facing themselves in the hope for a renaissance.

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* Translation by Justine Assaf

© all right reserved