SANDRA BOURDONNEC is a multidisciplinary artist. 

She is French and speaks fluent english and german. 

After more than 15 years of ballet training, Sandra decided to branch out into theater and music. She studied at the renowned drama school Le Cours Florent in Paris and graduated in 2010. She is continuing to improve her vocal technique with lessons from personal singing coaches Leonardo Valazza and Christian Schleicher. Since acting school, Sandra has performed in many plays and musicals, such as “The Break of Noon” by Paul Claudel, “13 Objects” by Howard Barker, “Claire’s Relationships” by Dea Loher, “Rent,” and “Dancing, It’s not a Musical” by Geoffrey Couët.  Her friendship with Geoffrey Couët and their shared love for writing resulted in collaborating on a theatrical comedy together: “Bang Bang or the Terrible Day of Résus!”


Enthusiastic about artistic performances in general, Sandra created “Vicistica,” a contemporary tragi-ballet for 11 dancers and 5 actors which was adapted from “Scenes from an Execution” by English playwright Howard Barker. Inspired by this strong experience, Sandra wrote and directed “Looking on an Angel,” a tragicomedy for 8 actors, 3 of whom with Down syndrome. The play was presented for World Down Syndrome Day in Montreuil and in Paris.


Sandra has a growing love for cinema. She wrote, directed and played in her first feature film in 2015: “Let the Wind Take Everything Away.” Due to this experience, she has developed new skills and opened up a new direction for her artistic career. In 2016, she directed a short film “R.E.D.” which has been selected for various festivals. Her most recent short, “The Life of an Ananas,” is currently running in festivals.


Sandra has also acted in many short films, including “Les couillus” by Uriel Jaouen, “Crystiania” by Mélodie Grumberg shot in Copenhagen, and “The Handsome Devil” by Lion Fernster shot in Shanghai, and “Rejected” by Filip Piskorzynski in Hamburg. 

As an actress she was Colette in the movie of Ilker Çatak "Es gilt das gesprochene Wort" (I was, I am, I will be) which was in cinemas in 2019. In 2018, she begins to work with the Schaubühne Theater in Berlin for the project "Italienische Nacht" directed by Thomas Ostermeier (this project is still going on).

Coming soon:

TV: next project is on air with ZDF Production.

Music: in studio, EP in preparation with Michael Benson @Bensonrecordings.

Theater: in "Political Voice Institut", work in progress with the director Marta Górnicka and The Maxim Gorki Theater.

*Translation: Bill Peterson

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