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I am
I am a creative human since I was able to dance -since I was able to tell stories -sing in front of people. I am thankful for where I am and for the journey I am on. Every time I set myself goals and catch them, the next one is coming up. I like Movement. Hi! My name is Sandra. 

This is how I see my career and my life. Always in movement. Always ready for new adventures -for new challenges. I wish my time on earth will have a positive value. I AM a positive soul even if I deeply and sincerely have fears that freeze me sometime. I decided to be an artist to change the world, to show beauty, to open my mind thanks to inspiring people and maybe myself, open the mind of others. Some movies changed my life, literally. Some performing arts changed my visions. Art made me smarter -makes me smarter. I think our industry is facing a big time of changes. It is surely time to see people with different skin colour, -gender, -accents on screens and on stages so the next generations will not even remember how it was before. I always thought that there is space for everyone, especially in the artistic world where everything is possible. This is why I do this, because in my world, everything is possible.